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I’d like to share some great reviews of my book with you. Thanks for reading them. 


“This is one book where from the very first page you are pulled right into the characters and their story. The book opens right as Rebel’s mom is leaving her and her father….

“Many of today’s young people will be able to relate to the sense of betrayal that Rebel feels by her mother’s moving out…she remains a very level-headed girl who is exactly what I hope my own daughters will be like when they reach the teenage years.”

Thank you, Deb.


A snippet from Linda Jo Martin


“The book reaches out to readers who learn to love Rebel  for her compassion toward animals while they sympathize with the shock she endures when her mother leaves. You’ll find this young adult novel to be full of excitement, tension, emotions, and even a bit of sillyness. The book ends too soon because once we let Rebel into our lives, it is hard to let go.”



Nancy Dickerson – Posted on Your Hub, Wichita Falls


Beverly Stowe McClure wrote a good book–considered a YA-young adult book. Shucks. I haven’t been that young in a while, but I still enjoyed the book. It deals with parents separating and other issues that arise in the lives of young people. I would whole-heartedly recommend it as reading material for both the parents and the teens of parents who must face the confusion caused by separations. While I can pray that this never happens to any of our children or grandchildren, the situation is handled realistically and with genuine understanding. When I hand this one over to the oldest grandson to read, we will get another viewpoint. He will reconginze the “good guys” in this story and probably grin at the “boy humor” in many of the scenes.

I hope that Mrs. McClure continues to handle topics of this nature. Her books will definitely find a place on my book shelves and on my gift list. It was definitely worth my trip to Hastings today to meet her and purchase her book.

[Now, aren’t you just dying to read my story? LOL]


Here’s another great review:

4 Flames – Rare Find

“REBEL IN BLUE JEANS is a book teens will love. It’s fun, exciting and very identifiable. Ms. McClure has done an outstanding job with this novel. It’s a book readers will want to read more than once.”

Reviewed by: Fran Shaff, Romance and Children’s novelist


“I think that Rebel in Blue Jeans is a book that all young adults will relate to. The author tackles the difficult subjects of divorce, young adult relationships, and discovering oneself in an uncertain world. 

I would recommend this book to all young adult readers. I wish Rebel in Blue Jeans had been in print when I was sixteen and tackling some of the same difficult subjects that Rebel faces.”

Susanne Drazic – Putting Words Down on Paper

[OK. Now you gotta buy a copy or two or three. Books make awesome Christmas gifts.]