Book Excerpt REBEL


Rebel did not see the puddle of water until her load of hay suddenly came to a standstill. She tried to lift her foot only to discover that her boots were mired in mud up to her ankles. She gritted her teeth and shoved, straining to free the stuck wheelbarrow. Brown water splattered and coated her jeans with a layer of muck. Frustration at the world in general seeped from every pore of her body. She pounded a fist on the handle of the wheelbarrow. “Soggy cotton bolls!”

“Whoa, Rebel. Thanks, but I’ve already had a shower this morning.”

“I told you she was a reckless driver, cuz.”

“She does look cute, though, all covered in mud that way.”

“I don’t know. I prefer girls who take a bath with clean water and use that good-smelling bubble bath stuff.”

End of excerpt

See what I have to put up with. The Garret cousins show up at the worst times. Even worse, they’ll attempt to cheer me up, and I don’t want to be cheered up.

Rebel in Blue Jeans is available in trade paperback at Twilight Times Books and at Amazon, Barnes & Noble . The eBook is only $2.99.



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