Posted: October 26, 2013 in Mystery Novel
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Hi. I’m Jennifer Barret. I live in Texas with my father and my precious dog Chopin. Yeah, there’s a story there. Anyway, I’ll be telling you more about myself and family later. For now here’s a scene from the story:

“When Jen was directly opposite the campsite, she heard a strange sound. Pausing, she glanced across the water and could just make out the figure of a young man, sitting by the fire, playing a guitar and singing. He had a nice voice, and she listened for a minute. So far, he hadn’t noticed her. She looked longingly at the fire, but she had to go. She caught Chopin by the collar to guide him past the firelight, and the were almost in the clear, when the dog gave them away. He lifted his nose and sniffed. He barked, pulled free from Jen’s grasp, and scampered across the creek, heading straight for the camp.

“Chopin!” she cried. “Come back here.”

The dog scrambled up the bank.

And the young man with the guitar looked up.

Secrets I Have Kept

Secrets I Have Kept


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